Monday, May 16, 2011

Watch Free Action And Adventure Movies Online

I love action movies and I was really pleased to see that Youtube just posted a huge list of action and adventure movie list. You can watch these movies for free (no fee included).
Click here to access the Action and Adventures movie gallery

Here are some of the titles available for you:
Jason and the Argonauts
Point of Fear
Kids from Shaolin
Rail Kings
Silver Hawk
Dream of a Warrior
Shaka Zulu
Ninja Heat
Behind Enemy Lines (Attack Force 'Nam)
Suicide Blonde
The Usual Children
Wheels On Meals
Street Wars
Kill Cruise
Laser Mission
City Ninja
The Lady and the Highwayman
Day Of The Panther
Ninja Death III
Night Of The Sharks
Heroes of Shaolin 2
Fantasy Mission Force
Prisoners Of The Lost Universe
18 Bronze Girls of Shaolin
The Young Master
Love is Forever
Penitentiary II
High Risk
Fearless Hyena
Bastard Kung Fu Master
Kung Fu Kids Break Away
Journey To The Center Of The Earth
Concrete Cowboys
The Bermuda Triangle
Return of the Tiger
Mantis Fists and Tiger Claws of Shaolin
The People That Time Forgot
CB Hustlers
China 9 Liberty 37
Last Chance
Guy With Secret Kung Fu
Shaolin Invincibles
Project: Kill
Savage Journey
Rescue From Gilligan's Island
Death Duel of Kung Fu
Lost Kung Fu Secrets
The Eagle's Killer
Yoga and the Kung Fu Girl
Magnificent Fists
AdiĆ³s Amigo

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